Natural casings from Europe, Asia and America supplier

We sell about 250 different assortments of natural intestines of pigs, cattle, goats, sheep, horses in all types, classes and calibers.

We sell the intestines as a dry-salted, in brine, on the stripes and tubes, glued (5 to 8 sections of 91.5 m), etc.

We sell high quality pork intestines, according to the German technology and strict quality standards.

Goat and sheep intestines are produced similarly like hog casings, with Asian and Australian raw materials. Beefcasings come from the best plants in South America.

We also sell chineese intestines too.

We deliver up to 24 hours throughout the country free of charge.


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86-031 Osielsko k. Bydgoszczy

Certificate BRC v.7

One of the companies in our group: SELECTING PLANT OF HOG, BEEF AND SHEEP CASINGS has a BRC v.7 certificate - one of the most famous and prestigious certifications in the world.