ZYCHAL INTERNATIONAL is a group of companies operating in the natural intestines industry. We are present at all stages of natural intestines production from obtaining raw materials in leading European slaughterhouses, through processing and refining them in our plants to sale stages in European markets and beyond.

We are involved in investment projects in the field of commercialization of post-slaughter products around the world, in Europe, South America, the Middle and Far East, in particular.

Our company is as good as the people who create it. The development of the entire organization is based on the development of all employees. We value respect, systematic work, striving for perfection and focusing on the client. Everyone in our team can choose their career path for their own benefit and for the company‚Äôs growth. We have always built our success on rock solid foundations.


We are a member of The INSCA

The International Natural Sausage Casing Association