We sell hog, beef, sheep and goat intestines in all sizes, various specifications and different types of packaging.


We offer about 250 various types of natural casings

Hog casings are prepared mainly from high quality West European raw material. They are sorted according to restrictive standards and sent directly from production stage to our clients. The casings are delivered either salted or brined, packed on tubes or strips for quick application too.

Goat and sheep casings are made from high quality raw material from Asia and Australia.

The beef casings we offer, come from best manufacturers from South America.

Quality policy

The prestigious BRC Food Certificate is an internationally recognized mark of food quality. It provides our clients with a guarantee of quality and safety of food produced by our company.

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Our strengths

  • high and stable quality of our products while maintaining competitive prices
  • short production and delivery times
  • production adjusted to customer's needs and requirements
  • packaging according to the latest Technologies
  • 24h technology service


Over 30 years of experience and stable, continuous development in various markets allow us to deliver products to the most demanding clients.